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Getting Started

There are many steps involved in designing a web site. In an effort to save time and money we suggest that you complete as many of the following steps as possible, prior to your initial consultation.

Complete Client Worksheet

By completing our client worksheet, you will provide feedback that will help us see your vision and will allow us to compile an accurate quote. Completing this form does not obligate you to use our services.

Create a Description

A sentence or two about your web site that can be used on a search engine’s result page. This is what will display below the link to your web page in a search engine.

Create aList of Keywords

A list of words relating to your web site, that someone would type into a search engine search field. List words individually and do not repeat words. Include singular, plural, past and present tense forms (For example: design, designs, designed, designing.) Also include location area, locations serviced, products, services, etc. Try to limit your keywords to no more than 25.

Gather Materials

Any materials that you can provide about your business or hobby will also be extremely helpful in the design process. Here are some suggestions:

  • Brochures from suppliers, wholesalers and competitors
  • Company Brochures
  • Company Business Cards
  • Company Flyers
  • Company Letterhead
  • Company Posters

Gather Content for the Web Site

  • Audio files
  • Applications (if you would like included in web site)
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Photographs
  • Textual content
  • Video


  1. Complete our Client Worksheet.
  2. Designs by ALM, LLC will review your worksheet and contact you for more information.
  3. An estimate will be prepared and emailed to you.
  4. An agreement is reached.
  5. You sign a contract, pay deposit and hosting fees up front.
  6. You supply needed information. (see Gather Materials below)
  7. Project begins:
      • You will receive weekly updates, including amount of time spent on project.
      • You will be given an account login and password to view the progress of your project.
      • You will be billed monthly.
  8. You complete a final review of the project and authorize completion.
  9. Final payment is received.
  10. Project is published!

Once your web site is published…

Include your web address and new e-mail address(es) on all advertisements, including:

  • Business Cards
  • Pamphlets Flyers
  • Letterhead
  • Vehicle Advertising
  • Billboards
  • TV Radio Advertising